Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Snow day and Momma's stir crazy

I am feeling restless. This is an amusing bit of irony, to be honest. We have a snow day today and the kids have been hopping around like mad little rabbits. I suppose it's the restless energy of the wind getting to me. Or perhaps the kids' restlessness is infectious, I'm not sure.

In an effort to use up some of the biscuit mix I have sitting on the counter and make something to satisfy my sweet tooth, I think I am going to whip off a batch of cranberry-walnut scones. It may not be brand name biscuit mix in my pantry, but I don't think that will change how these come out. I may even have something of a brain storm and come up with something good to write for Helium. I have two articles due in two days. They're both fiction, which should be relatively easy to work on.

One is on the topic of 'the spoiled child' and the other is 'a moment of madness'. My word limit is between 200 and 400 words. I am just at something of a loss for what to whip off for these right now. The kids have been distracting me. It made writing the 8 line poem that I had due today a touch difficult. I won't be surprised if that doesn't make the cut. I really feel it wasn't my best work.

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