Saturday, January 25, 2014

On Tofurky and other things.

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Day one of intentionally eating vegetarian for breakfast and lunch was a bit of a challenge. I spent most of yesterday on the run. I was tempted when I was at Wegmans getting groceries to pick up some of the meat sushi but I got the vegetable instead. It was quite tasty, though the seaweed salad was not to my liking. When I got home with my groceries, I found that I was hungry again. So I busted out my noodle salad left overs from Thursday and ate that up.

A few hours later, I was ravenously hungry again. I was bad and I bought a jumbo sized rice krispy treat. I ate the whole thing in the time it took for me to drive from Geneseo to Lakeville. I am not proud of this. I considered my lesson learned and have had more protein today.

Today's breakfast was boxed cereal. I'd feel a bit guilty about this except for the fact that it was literally the easiest thing I could manage with the kids bouncing around like crazy this morning. Lunch was a tofurky sandwich and a bowl of curried lentil soup. I didn't expect it, but the tofurky sandwich filled me up enough that I managed a few spoonfuls of the soup. I have put it into the fridge to either have tomorrow for lunch of dinner tonight.
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It smelled really, really good. The taste wasn't quite up to what the scent advertized but it was good. I'm thinking that next week, I'm going to make a big batch of chickpea chili. I forgot to get ground beef but I can chop up some of that stew beef that I purchased in my little food processor. I picked up a bunch of veggies for me to use in my lunches this week. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that I had most of what I needed for dinners in my pantry already.

I walked out of Wegmans with the smallest weekly shopping bill that I have ever had shopping somewhere other then Aldi's or Save-A-Lot. It was $110. My menu plan for this week is pretty much the same as what it was last week. (Look below the jump for my menu. Breakfast and lunch are planned for myself. Dinner for everybody.)

DAY                   Breakfast                      Lunch                          Dinner

Sunday:              Oatmeal with fruit          Twice baked potato      Leftovers

Monday:            Oatmeal w/ fruit             Veg. Taco Salad           Hamburgers, salad

Tuesday:            Oatmeal w/ fruit             Broccoli Omelet            Pasta bake

Wednesday:       Oatmeal w/ fruit            Tofurky sandwich          Chickpea Chili

Thursday:          Oatmeal w/ fruit             Leftovers                      Beef Stew

Friday:              Oatmeal w/ fruit             Sprouts salad                Pizza

Saturday:          Boxed Cereal                Quesadillas                    TBD

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