Monday, January 27, 2014

January Beer Tasting: Edmund Fitzgerald

I had been curious about this particular beer for a while. Namely because anything named after a tragedy makes me go 'wait, what?' I realize that was part of the marketing ploy and I tip my hat to Great Lakes Brewing Co. on their cleverness.

On the bottle, it is labeled as a porter. I honestly don't know what that means. According to BeerAvocate, a porter is a blend of three different types of ale (old, new, and weak). The label describes this as a complex flavor with a bittersweet 'chocolate-coffee' taste.

The hops are present in this beer. It isn't as overpowering as it was in the IPA that I tried earlier in the month. After the strong influence of the hops, there is a subtle smokey quality. There is some after notes that could be described as bitter chocolate/coffee. It was a surprise, because I totally didn't expect that. I

I tried my first sip at room temperature. It wasn't terribly exciting and the hops were much more potent. After I chilled it down, the more subtle tastes of the beer came out. It went fairly well with the beef stew that I had for dinner last night. That little bit left in the glass was left as an experiment. After being allowed to sit in the fridge until about dinner time today, I can honestly say that the coffee flavors are much stronger.

The subtle chocolate qualities in this were enough that I came away from drinking half the bottle wanting to have some chocolate ice cream. Strangely enough, this beer paired surprisingly well with Chocolate Therapy ice cream. It was honestly the last thing I expected. While this isn't entirely my style, it was still a relatively pleasant beverage.

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