Thursday, February 21, 2013

Adventures in parenting...

I am totally ready for school tomorrow. It's not that I don't love my children. I adore them. They are wonderful little boys and are generally really well behaved. I'm just at wits end from running around after them and trying to stay on top of house work, whilst managing them taking turns being sick. It has been a really, really long two weeks.

I am *so* thankful when Beloved walks in the door at 7pm. Sometimes, I am counting down the minutes because it's the only thing keeping me from climbing the ceiling in sheer frustration. Attempting to cook, clean, and watch children requires more then two arms and clearly more then just two eyes. I honestly have no idea how single parents do it. I have a rough time and I've got backup.

Today's adventures featured Snuggle Bug bursting into the bathroom excited as anything and literally scaring the crap out of me. It was a little awkward. I still have no idea what had him so terribly excited that he ran down the hall and burst into the room. He was babbling incoherently about something. Perhaps he saw a bird at the bird feeder or an interesting vehicle pass by on the road.

All I know is that having an excited toddler burst into the room while you're in the middle of a number two is entirely not a pleasant experience. Especially when you were dealing with the adult version of the stomach bug that had them sent home the day before. Pepto claims it works on diarrhea. Today, it failed for me. The chamomile tea, however, helped a lot. (I know that was all far more information then you really wanted to know. But, it's the end of a long day and I'm rambling. Don't expect deep thoughts from me when I am managing about at the goldfish end of the wit spectrum.)

My boys, I love them like crazy. Some days, I just don't know what to do with them. It's kinda funny. I test out as having a genius level IQ and my children make me feel dumb. It's not that I can't think, it just seems like I am not half as fast as they are. Some days, I really do think they're tag-teaming Beloved and I. Where on earth do they get all that energy? They must have the metabolism of humming birds or something.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I've been cooking!

Just look at this beautiful pot of chili and the lovely loaf of fresh, homemade bread! That's going to be dinner tomorrow night!

I posted up the recipe for the bread and the chili up on my Keen Blog! Check it out!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Momma's a man!

So, I get myself all dressed up for my turn out at the LARP Beloved and I play in. My eldest looked at me and said loudly (and with a giggle), "Momma's a man!" Apparently wearing a suit turns you into a man. Who knew!

Dear readers, I give you the Malkavian Cathy. One of her quirks is she dresses in men's clothes and always has a hat. It is a bit of a break from wearing scarves, though I feel a bit silly wearing hats. Even though I didn't get to enjoy game (because I came down with the stomach virus that laid the kids low last week), I got many compliments on my suit.

The most amusing thing was the number of people who told me that the flag pin was upside down. It was a subtle point that rankled several folks. At first people wanted to correct it, then I told them that it was intentional. It was, in short, quite the annoyance to others and a source of entertainment for myself.

Oh, my thrift shopping friends- all elements of this outfit, except for the jewlery, hat, and boots came from the thrift store. Total cost (sans mentioned items) $5.00! The suit consists of a blazer, slacks, and a vest in similar material. The most entertaining facet of this ensemble is the fact that the constituent parts were found in different sections and technically do not match. The vest does not button, but rather has a zipper. The tie, however, hides that quite nicely. (Thank you Beloved for lending and picking out the tie for this outfit!) The jacket and the shirt are a tad short in the sleeve, but it fits well enough that you can't really tell.

Aside from this suit, I also plan on wearing male business casual attire. Thus, I will be posting future pictures that go along with this character.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Vintage rambling.

I think this is from some time around 2008. I found it while I was cleaning. Just for laughs, I am posting it up here. It's rather maudlin.


I wish the words would pour out of me but the story is frozen. Images of its beauty will flit before me and I am not fast enough to pen them. Such is my curse.

Dreams of literary brilliance flame in my mind but my uncertain hand stops me from writing them. I stumble slow and stutter over my efforts only to be seized with the great desire to cast them all aside. Frustration is not a sufficent word for what I feel. Perhaps horror and disgust for what had once come so easily is now choked and reduced to wretched scratchings of a squalid pen blighted by uncertianty and fear.

Perhaps this is my fate. To be an old woman in a young one's body, filled with fear that my work may never succeed to present my visions or messages.

Inside all of us a story burns to be told. We each have our own voice and medium to tell it. But what on earth is mine?

2013 Blanket Project

January squares are all sewn together. There is one for each day, plus one to finish out the final row.

I have started work on February's squares. Odd days are going to be very basic looking squares made from a 1lb ball of acrylic that I have kicking around. Even days are going to have more color variety to them. And I'm going to make one fancy square a week. As this month has 28 days, I am going to need to make a few extra squares to make it match the length of what I have already done.