Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Feeding the sweet tooth!

The scones earlier today turned into muffins because I accidentally measured something wrong and doubled the batch. Now I am sitting here enjoying some chocolate as I review my notes in preparation of writing up an entry in Veiled Witch. I managed to connive the kids into picking up some of the toys they had scattered through out the apartment today. It looks like tomorrow will be a school day, provided the weather is decent. I am profoundly thankful for this.
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I need a little time for me. I have some writing stuff I want to get done tomorrow. I also have a huge pile of laundry that desperately needs put away, a fish bowl to clean, and the checkbook to balance. I feel a little odd confessing this, but I am actually looking forward to working on these things tomorrow. I have been feeling like running around after the kids has kept me from taking care of other things that need done. It will be, dare I say it, satisfying to get caught up on that stuff.

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