Saturday, January 04, 2014

Scrumbling along.

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I've decided that I really need to use up this baby blue boucle yarn. While the option of yarnbombing something, like the tree in the front yard, sounds like fun, I recognize that it would do absolutely zero good. I'm pretty sure that displays like the one to the right are frowned upon by the local ordinances and would land me into a bit of hot water. Never mind the fact that it is terribly cold out there and not ideal weather to be making a tree cozy in.

A bunch of other crafty people in the world have been making these things called scrumbles. I have decided to expand on the experiments I have been doing with crochet snowflakes. Thus, I have started work on a gigantic scrumble. I may sew the little scrumbles I will be making and the snowflakes I have made to this thing. I am not decided yet.

Currently, I am working the boucle yarn with a size q hook. The yarn is still fighting me mightily and I am rather annoyed with it all. The sooner I have this thing finished, the better, in my opinion. Not because I feel a great rush to finish this thing but because that means the faster I can stop doing anything with this silly yarn and get to working with stuff that behaves better.

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