Saturday, February 25, 2006

Happy News: New Job! Woot!

<Insert happy dance here.>

Well, as I was suffering through another Tuesday at the day-care, I had a little prayer answered. I had applied almost 2 months ago for a job with a school district close to where I live. That job was no longer needed due to staffing changes. So, I gave up on it.

Then, last month, I got a phone call from the Human Resources department (is it me or does that official term sound like a polite description of a flop house?) stating that another position had opened up. (And I move from innuendo to innuendo unintentionaly. Oops.) So... I said, sure I'd be happy to be considered for it. The requirements were the same, essentially as the last position I had applied for. Then there was massive schedualling and communication failures between the school and myself. Primarially it was on their part because the people I needed to speak to were caught up in the hell of CSE season.

For the unintiated, CSE season is the time of year that educators review IEPs and strive to improve their efforts on the behalf of children with learning disabilities. It's a very busy time of year in any school district. It just happens to be the time that I needed to set up interviews and meet with teachers. I was able to swing an interview at the beginning of the season, back when I applied. And after that it had been phone tag... alot of it initiated on my part.

Here is where sheer persistance, a little bit of luck, and a prayer landed me the job. They decided to hire me, skipping several of the regular steps of the process. Partly due to the lack of time they have before I am needed and partly because I had some excellent references. I will be sending letters of gratitude to the ladies who were my references, though those letters pale compared to what I feel.

It was the hilight of my week. :) Which turned out to be miserable... but I'll complain about it in another post. Right now, I'm just going to sit here and be happy. :) I start on Tuesday... I wonder what I'm going to wear? I'm no longer required to hold with a "uniform" and I can actually wear skirts to work again. I need to pick something out and I'm at a loss for which item to pick. Good thing I have a few days! :)

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