Friday, January 12, 2007

Nothing big or interesting to post yet...

Been sick with a savage head-cold that turned into a sinus infection. :p Sick in bed for roughly a week now, to be precise.

I'll update with something worth reading in the near future. Until then, have fun getting ready for the incoming storm this weekend.

Monday, January 01, 2007

I blame Lionessa for this stupid quiz!

Though I think it could qualify as strangely accurate, except for the fact that I'm not usually the Top. :) Thanks, Lionessa!

* Emphasis given is my own, not the website's.*

Visit to learn your Lustsign!

"My Lustsign is Awaken. I am the question, waiting to be answered. I am the leader, i am the alpha, and i don't tolerate anyone to come closer. I hunt, i kill, and i do all that just to feed my apetite. I am the warrior, and bed is my battleground. I don't care what you think, i don't care how you feel. You are my prey, and that means i will taste your flesh. Having sex with you is my birthright."