Monday, January 06, 2014

Aftermath of Ion storm

Schools are closed in my area. Governor Cuomo has declared most of this area of the state to be in a state of emergency. The wind is just screaming around the corner of the house. We were outside a few minutes ago and the last view I had on the car's thermometer it was a bare 9 degrees above zero (in Fahrenheit or -12 Celsius). The cold is bitter enough that just the few moments that I was in it walking from the car to the building, my hands got painfully cold.

In all honesty, I am not going to worry about this. This weather system is not going to determine how stressed out I am going to get. Nonsense on the internet, however, may make me twitch a bit. I do my best to keep the first rule of the internet in mind at all times in all of my actions regarding this glorious interface of technology and such. I truly do. And I work very hard not to take it personally.

As someone I know once said, they just can't help being so painfully stupid.

When I have people yammering about how energy spirals differently through a crystal depending on how it is cut, I twitch. When I encounter this yahoo insisting that intercourse (of the penis in vagina variety) is rape, irregardless of context, I twitch a bit more. The former makes the scientist in me want to commit random acts of homicide via textbooks and pointy rocks upon the people who perpetuate this silliness. The latter drips with such privileged filthy entitlist attitude that I want to do horrible things to teach them what it means to actually suffer, because clearly they have never experienced it in their life to so blithely insist that insanity is true.

Rather then going head-explody over all this, here is some pretty music. This should do a reasonably good job of covering the weather situation.

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