Monday, July 02, 2007

Yet more to add!

I confess, it is rather amazing what happens when you add a bite to eat into the equation for resolving lack of inspiration. Baby stuff does make for good posting material, but so do many other things. It's a tough debate as to what to put in here, unlike earlier where I couldn't think of anything at first.

I think what I'm going to do is post on the most immediate of topics- my husband. :)

Right now, he's playing a game called God of War II. Our friend loaned it to him on his birthday back in May. He's been busy trying not to stress himself out over work stuff, so he's taken some time to beat the game a few times. Right now, he's gotten to the point where he has some nifty tricks available to him. It's fairly entertaining to watch him play the game. There's something hilarious about a grown man trash talking a computer or a video game, can't quite place it, but it's there. The other thing that amuses me is how he's been 'testing' the rocking chair when he doesn't think I'm looking. Using it to play his games on the Playstation just makes me chuckle.

I'm glad that chair is comfortable for both of us. It will be important later on. Right now, he and I are already getting a little bit of experience soothing baby into some quiet time before I go to sleep. It's funny, but his rubbing my belly works better then my doing so. If I'm just sitting in the rocking chair and rocking, the little one will settle down. But it only lasts as long as I'm in the chair. When I go to get up, the baby will stir and start kicking me. I think it's because I'm changing his position after he's gotten comfortable. The most amusing part of it all is that hubby's rubbing my belly, and there by the baby, works better then my rocking in the chair.

I've been busy with what I'm sure the women I worked with over the last year would have declared to be 'nesting' things. I'm not 'nesting' like they and many others have insisted. I've been trying to find ways to create more space in the apartment and more organization. I have moments when I feel a rising sense of panic that our apartment isn't big enough or that we're not going to have a way to keep home orderly and handle the insanity of the new challenges associated with an infant. So, I've been doing things like working on rearranging how things are put away in the kitchen, organizing various things in the apartment, and doing my best to make it as quick and easy to find, put away, and clean everything here. I figure the more I prepare, the better off hubby and I will be when the baby arrives.

I don't think that's the wacky 'nesting' instincts kicking in. I think that's more like I'm trying to cope with my anxiety about being a new mother by trying to be prepared. Here's hoping that I'm not doing it all in some stupid fashion that will come back to haunt me later. :p Aside from doing my best to make home-care as straight forward and easy as possible, I've been working on making baby clothes. I'm debating making some and selling them on the craigslist website.

At the suggestion of some of the ladies that I worked with at the school, I have posted a few items up there to sell. Who knows, maybe some one will actually want to have the small collection of glass vases that I've got kicking around here or perhaps can use the extra large roasting pan that won't fit into my oven. It's a bit of work, but I think that I can manage to possibly even sell some of the baby booties that I can make. They were a huge hit at the school and it only took me about an hour per pair to make.

Yeah, there's already been some baby showers. I'll give the gory details when I'm not quite so distracted by hubby's game. But, here's something of a 'real' post for y'all.

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