Friday, January 15, 2010


So the first news article I see is talking about how relief and aid agencies are getting criticized for the delays in how the distribution of supplies and workers is going. Listen up, Media folks( if you happen to even read this):

Haiti just had a massive natural disaster that has destroyed their infrastructure. Haiti, the country that has been one of the poorest in the Western Hemisphere and the infrastructure wasn't in good shape to begin with. You know, the country where people were eating dirt cookies because there wasn't enough food and the soil had the right minerals to trick the stomach into not being so upset because it worked like an antacid. Yeah, that Haiti, people. They have NOTHING more then what you see! Stop bitching and help them, you insensitive jackasses!

Now, my next bit of ranting is directed at the relief agencies, namely the various branches of the world's military finest who are deployed there.

Waiting for transportation!?! You idiots already have transportation. Look down at those things sticking off the ends of your legs. You see them? They're called feet! Walk, march, hike, or run the damn two miles rather then piss and moan about the lack of transportation. If that is what the military is made of, all of you idiots deserve the beatings you get around the world in the various conflicts that are currently occurring. Go back to your roots, use those basic training skills and haul ass to where you're needed, dipshits. Stop being a damn embarrassment to the rest of your countrymen and grow a hair on your ass. If I pulled that shit, I'd be still living on the grace and good will of my relatives in the middle of nowhere western New York with out ever having been gainfully employed or accomplished anything over the last ten years.

You civilians, you're not exempt from this bit of verbal ass-kicking. Are you there to help or posture? If you're there to help, roll up your damn shirt sleeves, stop bitching about the situation, and do something. Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way. There are people down there in Haiti who are doing something (like those guys from the US military who have drop-kicked the airport into some vague sembelance of working order). Either start helping them or get the hell out of Haiti. There's too many people who are in real need down there for the responsible adults who are working to waste their time babysitting and coddling you candyass, spoiled little snots. Like I said earlier: Lead follow or get the hell out of the way!

All of you morons, stop being a damn embarrassment to the rest of the human race, will you?

To the people who are working and making things happen down there in Haiti: bless you all from the depths of my heart. I salute you, wish I could assist you, and hope that you all stay safe down there. Don't over exert yourselves and be careful. I and many, many others are proud of you and what you are doing.

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