Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Accomplishments vs Tasks.

So, a gal on a forum I'm apart of suggested that I replace my list of things to do with a list of things accomplished. I have to say the concept is sitting pretty well with me. It's part of a series of changes I am making to comply with what Beloved has told me he wants me to accomplish. He told me very clearly that he wants me to take better care of myself. Changing my perspective on a bunch of things is going to go a long way towards making that a successful endevour.

I want to get healthier this year and I want to accomplish a few really challenging things too. These are going to possibly be the easier part of complying with Beloved's wishes. Breaking habits and years of thought patterns is going to be the hard part. Changing how I view things like the tasks that need done around here is going to possibly be the roughest. So, little steps like having a list of accomplishments rather then a list of things to do are going to be important.

Here are my morning and early afternoon accomplishments:
  1. Got myself up, showered, dressed, and had breakfast
  2. Got both boys up, changed, and fed breakfast
  3. Played with both boys for approximately an hour and a half
  4. Balanced the checkbook
  5. Helped Cuddle-Bear get out toys and put toys away
  6. Morning diaper duty
  7. Helped Cuddle-Bear sing songs to Snuggle-Bug and to his toy baby
  8. Gave both boys their morning snack
  9. Rocked Snuggle-Bug and put him down for his morning nap
  10. Folded one and a half loads of laundry
  11. Supervised Cuddle-Bear's efforts to put some of his story books away
  12. Set up Mean Kitty Song on YouTube for Cuddle-Bear and made lunch for the boys and I
  13. Gave lunch to the boys
  14. Supervised Cuddle-Bear and Snuggle-Bug playing together as I ate my lunch
  15. Read Cuddle-Bear a story
  16. Afternoon diaper duty
  17. Rocked Snuggle-Bug and put him down for his afternoon nap
  18. Calmed Cuddle-Bear and put him down for his afternoon nap
  19. Planned dinner for tonight
  20. Checked my e-mail and read the news around the world
  21. Meditated
Wow, that's alot of stuff to have done for half the day. It makes the few things left on my list not seem impossible And it makes me feel not quite so bad about being tired right now. Between my difficulty sleeping recently and doing more then I thought I had this morning and thru the early afternoon, I guess I've earned a little bit of a nap. This time, however, I really should set some kind of alarm so that I'm not waking up almost at dinner time.

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