Sunday, January 10, 2010

Still sick.

Fie on it, I'm still sick. I am doing much better then I was last week, however. Last week, I had the questionable joy of an emergency trip to the hospital to be diagnosed with pneumonia in my right lung. Oddly enough, my darling husband being laid off from work for a spell proved incredibly helpful because I was too sick to mind the children.

I'm doing much better, I can manage to stay awake for a significant portion of the day. When the boys go down for nap time in the afternoon tomorrow, I will be as well. With Monday morning, Beloved will be going back to work because they've got a new contract to work on. I'll be minding the boys and taking care of some rather boring stuff. I get to sort out about two weeks worth of mail and figure out what bills need paid. I hate dealing with the mail but it's a necessary evil, much like dishes.

It'd be really nice if the dishes, bills, and dirty laundry all took care of itself. Just went 'POOF!' and things were cleaned up, put away, and properly attended to with out anyone needing to lift a finger. Ah well, if wishes were fishes and such...

Stormcrow is out in Tulsa and working hard over there. It's really great to see him chasing his dreams and I'm happy for him. I really should give him a call sometime soon and visit a bit. He's doing really well in his classes and I knew he would be. He's got a new gal in his life and it seems to be working out well for him too. I'm glad, because I know that he is looking for the person who can be right there at his side for the long haul. Long distance relationships are a pain in the neck, but I'm sure that they'll do fine. A big part of success in a long distance relationship is just being stubborn enough to keep it going. And if I have learned anything about Stormcrow, it's that he is one hell of a stubborn guy.

Stargazer is off enjoying the sunshine on her cruise. She's doing well with grad school. I'm so very happy for her because it's been a dream of hers to go to grad school. She's working really hard and doing wonderful things. Having your GPA be made almost entirely of A's is just wonderful and I know that next semester she'll do fantastic as well.

Lady_Cinnibar is having a rough time of it. I'm worried about her but I have absolutely no idea what I can do to help. The job market down near DC is awful and she's been having a terrible time trying to find work. I really wish I could do *something* to help her out, but there's absolutely nothing I can think of. I really should call her again soon as well. I've been letting life run away with me far too much and neglecting my friends.

I haven't spoken to my parents since my last post here. I've been thinking alot about them. It's hard because I want to call them and I want to visit with them. I know, however, that I can't do that because Mom is not a good person for me to talk to. Heck, the woman would blame me for getting sick and tell me that I did something wrong. From what the doctor has said, the main reason why I got as sick as I did was because I have asthma and sometimes it just makes you get really sick when you get a cold.

Beloved was very pointed in telling me to stop kicking myself for getting sick. It's hard to break that habit, but I am doing my best to do so. It was really disturbing when I realized that as I was resting last week, it was the first time I had not felt guilty or pressured to heal up faster then I was. I did too much thinking about the past when I wasn't knitting last week. Perhaps I should have focused more on knitting the sweater...

Either way, I've got tomorrow ahead of me so I should log off the computer now and head to bed. It's going to be a long day. I will get to see if the sweater I knitted and sewed together fits Snuggle-Bug. I'll try to snap a picture of it and slap it up here for the world to see. I made it with some lovely yarn that my Mother-in-Law made and gave as a gift for when Snuggle-Bug was born. I tried to crochet a sweater but it just wasn't working.

Ok, I'm procrastinating on going to bed. I need to brave the nightmares and just get off the computer now. I'll ramble more tomorrow.

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