Friday, January 29, 2010

Household Notebook? Oops...

Yeah, I was going to make one of those and then I forgot about it. :P

Something else to fight with later today. I've got a few different goals for today. I'm going to put together a list up here and if I can find the time later, I'll comment on how successful I was in meeting them.

1.) Write in:
  • Blogs
  • Morning Pages Journal
  • Daily Journal
2.) Clean Dishes
3.) Bag Dirty Clothes for Laundromat
4.) Sewing
  • Mend Beloved's pants
  • Mend Beloved's brown sweater
  • Finish hemming wrap
  • Make sock puppets for Cuddle-Bear
5.) Work on knitting baby blanket
Let's see how successful I am today.

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