Sunday, January 17, 2010

Crochet hook bag!

I'll post a pic of the finished product when Beloved shows me how to get pics off the camera again. (I always forget how to do that. :P) I made this for a friend of mine to hold the extra crochet hooks from my collection that I am giving her. I'm going to make another one for myself, because this just came out so cute! It's a good project for using up scrap yarn. :)

Materials Needed:
  • Size 'D' crochet hook
  • Assorted small lengths of yarn (Medium weight is what I used, thus suggested for this project.)
  • Scissors
Crochet Stitches used: Wattle Stitch, Single crochet

  1. Chain 70, turn
  2. Skip first two chains, crochet wattle stitch into 3rd chain from the hook.
  3. Proceed to end of row. In last chain of row, crochet one single crochet.
  4. Chain one, turn.
  5. Repeat steps 1 - 4 for 12 rows.
  6. Fold fabric in half, slip stitch from edge to fold. Tie off and weave ends in.
  7. Slip stitch from fold to edge on opposite side. Single crochet into same spot.
  8. Chain 4, single crochet into edge of first row.
  9. Chain 4, single crochet into edge of second row.
  10. Repeat around opening.
  11. At edge of first row on opposite side of step 8, chain 9
  12. Single crochet into starting loop for step 8 at starting point.
  13. Turn, single crochet over loop formed in step 11 until covered with single crochet stitches.
  14. Single crochet into starting loop for 11, tie off and weave ends in.
  15. Braid 3 strands of yarn (each 1 ft long) into a cord. Wave into small loops at opening for drawstring closure.
I added new yarn in at beginning of rows 2, 4, 8 and 10. You may want to do so differently, but either way this works up into a nice little bag that holds all but the size Q hook. I have a size Q hook in this bag passed thru the large loop (which is intended to be clipped to your project bag) and into the bag itself with the draw string opening pulled up tight around it. While this is not extremely secure for the size Q hook, it works reasonably well. If you turn the bag upside down, the hook doesn't fall out.

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