Friday, March 08, 2013


I have a fantasy manuscript that I am totally stalled on. I'm very frustrated with this. I am struggling to write in several different projects. I'm trying to find comfort in my writing but I look at it and feel like it is just busy work. This business with my grandparents and their illnesses has been preying on my mind. I know that there really is nothing I can do to help them but I find myself running in mental circles going there has to be *something* I can do.

In the light of this struggle, it's amusing in it's own way that I am having some progress writing adult fiction. I am not complaining about this. But it does bewilder me. I am struggling with a mixture of self consciousness and the almost obsessive urge to edit this stuff into oblivion. I am doing my best to stick with the spirit of the project and just write that which comes to me (pun not intended).

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