Monday, March 25, 2013

Exercise and such.

Today, I did my walking. I got in just under a mile walking to the park, around the trail, and back. I am going to go out and walk every day that I can. At the minimum, I will walk there and back. On the days that the kids are home or that I am not able to go out to the park, I am going to do my aerobics exercises (ala the dvd i have). I am going to work myself up to doing those exercises on the days I go walking too, but I am not just going to jump into it right away.

I was a bit bad about my diet. I couldn't help myself, the potato chips were wonderful with my vegetable soup that I had for lunch today. I did remember to eat a nice, healthy breakfast today. This evening, I am making hamburgers, tatertots, and peas for dinner. I don't expect the kids to have much love for the peas, but they may surprise me.

I want to make myself healthier. I don't want to be feeling like my knees are being tortured or get short of breath when I have to move quickly. I sincerely hope that all of this exercise and careful monitoring of my diet will result in my having improvement with my lung function. With the spring weather coming, I know that my allergies are going to be a problem. Perhaps all of this exercise will help nip some of that problem in the bud.

I am struggling with the whole cutting excess sugars out of my diet. I told myself that I was going to stop eating junk food and drinking soda. This past weekend, however, I ate a fair amount of junk food and had soda. I recognize that some of this is because I went shopping hungry on Sunday. I also recognize that some of this is my body struggling with the effort to get myself off of sugar and refined foods.

An interesting thing I noticed last week as I was enjoying the sauerkraut is that with the probiotic rich foods, I have less problems with gas and my body does a better job of eliminating wastes (to put it delicately). I am fairly certain that the probiotics are the cause of this because that is the only major change I have successfully made to my diet. Now, I just need to get myself back into the habit of drinking a generous amount of water during the day.

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