Friday, March 01, 2013

19 days...

Nineteen days until the Equinox and the official start of Spring. I suppose I should sit down and draft out my plans for my plantings and such. The weather's been so rotten of late that it's been hard to remember that we're so close to Spring. I ache to be out in the warm sunshine puttering around my plants. I can't wait to smell the green scent of the sap running through the trees.

And I am all about taking the kids to the park to see the goslings and ducklings when they hatch. I'm tired of Winter. I hope that with all the snow, we've gotten what we needed for the water table to be where it should be. I hope that the people who've been suffering with droughts got some good out of the heavy weather this past month. Most of all, I hope that the coming season brings lots of good with it.

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