Monday, July 30, 2012

Doll making - Round 2

A little while back I made some dolls for TechGuy (Beloved's brother)'s girls. They're crochet and I am still using crochet to make two more dolls. This time they are for SecretWitch (his girlfriend)'s girls. Instead of using the same pattern for both dolls, I used it for one and then a different one for the other.

The one for WiseGal is in this pattern and in pink yarn. The one for Moo (and the other girls) is in this pattern. Moo's doll is in purple. Eriu's doll is in green. Bride's doll is in blue. In the case of both patterns, there seems to be something not quite right about them. The dolls are coming out a bit misshapen.

I'm not going to get upset over it, but rather say that this is just another indication that they are home made. Now, my hope is that I stop looking at the pink yarn and thinking that I should be making one of these.

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