Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A room of one's own or a cottage?

I am enchanted with the idea of a tiny house that has just enough room for Beloved and I. The thought of it taking an afternoon to clean the whole house from top to bottom is just pleasant. As is the idea that it could say that way with minimal fuss. So, when I see things where people have taken small spaces and creatively made them livable, I find myself filled with a powerful yearning to do the same in my own home.

Articles like this one and videos like this one or this one here inspire me. Some people do this because they need to make things work due to the fact they have no other choice, like this guy did. Some people do it because they enjoy the challenge and feel it is important to make a statement about how they live, like this person did. I see these people doing something really amazing.

It is something that I want to emulate. I want to incorporate some of their concepts into my home. In doing so, I want to bring a greater sense of order to the chaos in my life. I want to give my children more space to play and make it easier for them to put their toys away because it is easy to see where they go. I want to make the bedroom into a place of rest and luxury with as minimal effort as possible.

I'll admit, I catch myself fantisizing about a little cottage in a garden for me to putter about in. Space where I can play with plants, yarn, or write with out distractions. I find myself daydreaming about making a space for Beloved to have as his office and project room. Somewhere that he can have as his 'mancave' and be free of the worries or cares of the day.

I'm very lucky that I have my project room. It has become a state of utter chaos right now. I some times feel a great wave of dismay when I look in there and see the disaster it has become over the last several months. It has served as the catch all and place to hide things from small hands. I haven't much room to turn around in, let alone sit in my chair or set up my loom and weave. Some weekend, I keep promising myself, some weekend I will get it all sorted out.

Until I do, however, I'll keep looking for inspiration and dreaming.

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