Saturday, October 01, 2005

Whew! I did, I made a web page. :)

Well, I finally got over the case of nerves and did it.

I made a web page, actually a website. It's via my pseudonym, but with the internet those are quite wise things to have, I suspect. Feel free to have a look it's right here!

I'll be updating it monthly. And I hope to be updating this on a weekly basis. This way I don't go off forgetting that it exists. So, now, gentle reader, you can learn more about who I am and some of the things that interest me.

The best part about this is I did it all on my own. Hubby is going to be *so* pleased! I finally am learning how to do some of this stuff, and I don't think I broke anything to do it! Of course, he needs to wake up to see it...

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