Saturday, October 22, 2005

Eeeww.... I feel gross. :p

I'm sick and I'm miserable. This is the first time all week I can say that I've functionally been awake all day. Don't know what I've got but everything hurts when I don't take my pain meds. :p

Did I mention that I hate being sick? Not only do I have the percieved uselessness (all percieved on my own part, Friend, but I also have the physiological misery of being ill as well. So, I not only feel like I am a lazy wretch for letting dishes pile up but I have the back ache from hell (plus the headache, stomach ache.. well, you get the picture).

I feel guilty for it. My dear husband works very hard to keep things running smoothly at work. When I get sick, suddenly he's stuck taking care of everything and me. It's not exactly fair. Especially when I get really sick. I don't know if I should be furious with myself or just cry with fustration some times.

Ah well. Today I had enough energy to do dishes. though i took a nap afterwards. Now I'm on the computer doing stuff, less effort then dishes. I don't need to stand while I do it. Though I'm sure that I"ll sleep deeply tonight. I'm making myself stay awake, though my body is arguing with me. I'm sick of sleeping all the time. Though this is getting uncomfortable. :p I'll be missing work on mondy, here's hoping that I don't miss another week of work.

I hate this.

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