Saturday, October 22, 2005

Ok, what's the deal with *SPAM* in the Comments?

Is it me or is it kinda ... well... foolish to slap spam into some one's comment book for their blog?

I don't know about you, but that really annoys me. I don't know if it smacks more of desperation on the part of the spammers or blatant harassment. Please, dear Reader, allow me to list off the locations where I have recieved some form of spam (aka Junk mail/communication)

1. e-mail
2. guest book on my web page
3. blog comment book
4. cell phone voice mail (yep, that's right, my *phone*)
5. cell phone text messages (see above, yeah, you read these correctly)
6. junk mail in my p.o. box
7. junk mail on my door step (read pennysaver w/ god knows how many inserts)
8. news paper (hey, the inserts do count, who wants a billion ads for lingere?)
9. i.m.
10. my parents' mail box (yeah, they send stuff to my parents for *me*)
11. parents' phone
12. inter-office mail (I don't care if youre selling tupperware, don't bother me.)

Umm... I think that covers it for today. If I start getting more via carrier pigeon or something, I may start killing pigeons. I don't know yet. Hasn't happened. If we're lucky I didn't give 'em any ideas. Good thing I can't read smoke signals. :p

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