Saturday, October 01, 2005

Essay: Home & Family, fall 00

Somethings don't change. Things like your old room at your parents house, the faded wallpaper in your mom's laundry room, or the big family gatherings complete with the same corny jokes from every year before. Home isn't a place but a feeling. If you carry that feeling with you everywhere you go, you will always have a home.

Until recently, I felt like I didn't have a home anymore. I felt like the foundations of my life were build on quicksand or a sinkhole. But just tonight, a realization came to me. Home is where you fel you belong. It is where you feel that your place is. Some homes are safe, others need work to make them so.

Family is simmilar to home. You feel a special bond with a group of people. A bond that is sometimes stronger then death. These people are those you can go to for support, encouragement, direction and help. You don't need any false faces to earn their love because it is unconditional.

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