Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Yarn stuff.

So, I spent my morning doing crochet and using up yarn scraps. Today, it was cotton yarn scraps. I made a washcloth. You may not be able to tell, but it is based off of the concept of the Log Cabin quilt square. The first 'block' of the thing was a square of single crochet six stitches long by six rows high. I then made the second block another six stitches by six rows. After this, I made a block of twelve stitches by six rows.

The next block was 12 x 12. The following block was 24 x 12. The next block was 24 x 12. The final block was 48 x 24. I then did the edging first round in single crochet followed by two rounds of moss stitch. My joins were done by the method of drawing the first loop of the new color through the final stitch of the previous color. It's basically how you join things so that you don't have to double up your yarn for the stitches or tie knots. I then did single crochet over the two inches of the two ends. I almost had enough of the outer most yarn to do three rounds of the moss stitch. I was about three inches short of what I needed to finish that final round.

While it came out a bit bigger than the other washcloths I made last week, I think it is still pretty good. Beloved thinks it is pretty awesome because of all the clashing colors. I don't think I mind them, to be honest, though. There is enough division with the solid colors that that I can look past how they contrast. I think I will be using the Log Cabin crochet block to make a couple of pillows or something next. I like how it worked up so easily.

I am still spinning up the thread in that rainbow colorway. I think the total time I got in spinning over the last week is about an hour. I am going to try to remedy that. My goal is to spin at least 15 minutes every day. Partly because I want to get through this fiber. And, partly, because I want to make some headway into the rather large pile of fiber I have amassed this way I can justify buying more when Fiber Fest comes in September.

This week, the spinning guild meets. I will be bringing my spindle and fiber. This is the week of the silent auction. I'm not sure what goodies I will see there. I am, however, going to bring the drawer pull spindles I have made to add to the pile of stuff that is offered. Before I get that far, however, I want to decorate them a bit. I am also going to see if I can manage to add some weight with the washers that I picked up at the hardware store a little while back. If I can accomplish that, it will be a nice little feather in my cap.

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