Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday Menu

Here is the menu for week 4. Some of these things are on my Pinterest board labeled cooking. If you check it out, you can find the links there. This week is going to have me out of the house in the middle of the week. I'm also not sure if I am going to have another sick kiddo home with me for the week. As I am typing this, Snuggle Bug is asleep on the couch in his mismatched Spiderman & Cars pajamas. He woke up to play with his new Transformer for a few minutes and to have lunch (pedialyte and some chips). We thought he was over this when Monday passed with out a lot of sickness going on. We were wrong, because he got sick on Tuesday. So, he has been home all the rest of the week now (as of the time of my typing this up.)

I don't know how Monday is going to go, so I am typing this post up a little early and it will be going up as per the schedule function here on Blogger. I am finding it surprisingly useful.

In case you can not read it, here is what I have down for each day.

Sunday (1/29): Breakfast - waffles; Lunch - leftovers; Dinner - Pizza (Not noted on this whole thing is snack. This is because the kids have been all about lollipops. Nothing interesting to be made there.)

Monday (1/30): Breakfast - Cereal; Lunch - Soup & salad (I'm going to be doing something based off of a chopped Thai salad on my Pinterest board.); Dinner - hamburgers with fries (I'm probably going to add a carrot salad to this as well.)

Tuesday (1/31): Breakfast - Muffins; Lunch: Out (I will be up in the city getting some work done on the car.); Dinner - tacos (This will be using the crock pot taco meat recipe.)

Wednesday (2/1): Breakfast - Cereal; Lunch - Veggie stew; Dinner - Reuben casserole with fries

Thursday (2/2): Breakfast - Eggs & toast (or muffins, depending on how many spoons I have that day); Lunch - peanut butter and jelly (because the kids have a half day at school and they like this); Dinner - macaroni & cheese, with bacon & tossed salad (I'll be using the 1 pot pasta technique with alfredo sauce and cheddar thrown in it. And I think I am going to be making a wilted spinach salad to go with it. In all my plans, I still haven't made one yet this month and I really want to have one.)

Friday (2/3): Breakfast - Cereal; Lunch - grilled cheese with soup; Dinner - cashew chicken with rice, cucumber salad & eggrolls

Saturday (2/4): Breakfast - Muffins (or eggs & toast, I haven't decided yet. Beloved may surprise me and make us all breakfast again. He's kinda awesome like that.) Lunch - Leftovers; Dinner - Lasagna with Italian sausage, salad, and garlic bread (Like the wilted spinach salad, I have been wanting to make this and not having the opportunity over the last few weeks.)

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