Sunday, April 06, 2014

Proselytizing for Dummies.

I recently had a comment submitted to this blog that was a blatant attempt at proselytizing. I don't generally take issue with such things, as I have family who work as ministers and are active in their churches. Proselytizing is just part of the territory when you have relatives who are engaged in such things. I try to view it with a sense of good humor.

I deleted the comment in question, however, not because it was offensive. As far as proselytizing goes, it was one of the most polite versions I have encountered. The problem, however, was two fold. First, it was completely unrelated to what I had posted. If you are going to try to hook me on a conversation regarding religion, that's awesome. Religion is one of my favorite subjects to discuss. I have two blogs dedicated to the subject. The problem is when your comment is a complete non sequitor in relation to the blog entry you are replying to, I am not going to give you the time of day. It makes it fairly evident that you are just spamming me and didn't bother to take the time to even read what I had posted.

Please, if you want to try to sell me on your religious belief system (or anything else for that matter) try to keep it related to the topic at hand. If the conversation shifts to something else in the course of discussion, that's fine. It's natural for a conversation to progress in that fashion. If you're particularly skilled at the art of conversation, you can even manage to control where the discussion goes and present your arguments in such a manner that I might even agree with you on a few of them or at the very least entertain the thought.

My second problem with that proselytizing comment was the fact that it was a dense wall of text and scarcely legible. I have a few habitual typos that I make. I try very hard not to do so. If I am misspelling something, I do my best to make it on purpose and make it clear that I am doing so. Additionally, I attempt to use proper grammar for the sake of making it easier for my readers to comprehend what I am saying. I recognize that my readers are not necessarily going to hold to this convention. However, if you want me to seriously consider what you have to say, please present your arguments in a fashion that I can actually read them.

If you really want me to pay attention to proselytizing efforts, you will definitely get it if you post on either of my religion oriented blogs. I'll even write a post quoting and responding directly to your comment. I actually invite anyone who is interested in such a discussion to do so. Links to my other blogs are at the right. Take a moment to give them a quick look and consider what I have presented there. You may or may not wish to continue with such efforts upon reading. Either way, I've said my piece and done my blog entry for today.

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