Monday, March 31, 2014

Rambling post about nothing.

I have decided to make an effort to post in here daily. Yes, I know, I have mentioned this before. After about a week or so, something comes up and it falls flat. I'm making another push to accomplish this goal, however. I feel like what I have to say is useless blather right now.

Currently, I have started reading the Gunslinger from Stephen King. I attempted reading the Dark Tower series years ago. I got completely repulsed by his description of a bear and put the book down not even a full chapter into it. I don't even remember which book it was. I have decided to try reading it again. I'm taking an approach that I can learn from his books why he is so successful and then apply that knowledge to my own writing efforts.

I remember somebody saying to me ages ago that an author who stops reading the market they write for is a fool. Since I have been writing fantasy and horror (because, really, these fantasy novels have turned into really grim stories that I can't avoid calling horror), I figured that I would sit down and read King's the Dark Tower series. He's a master of writing horror. I enjoyed Eyes of the Dragon (and sincerely wish that he would write a sequel so we find out what happened after Flagg ran off, but I guess that's where the Stand comes into play).

I am flailing about a bit with my writing at the moment. I feel like what I have been producing is garbage. I tell myself to just put it all down on paper and then go back to edit it later. It has been a struggle, however, getting the work down on paper. Having my computer die didn't help things much on that matter either. I have a stack of paper that is the beginnings of another Filianic work sitting on the desk. I don't know if I want to write out the rest of it long hand or convert what I have done into type.

Indecisiveness is my super power. Just ask Beloved what happens when you put a restaurant menu in front of me.

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