Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Never enough spoons.

I knew that I was pushing my proverbial spoons to the limit with this Camp Nanowrimo project. I didn't realize just how much so until today hit. I have 15k to write to meet my goal of finishing by the end of tomorrow. I have resigned myself to not fulfilling that. The kids were especially bad today and we had to send them to bed with out dinner.

Jumping on the couch, running around the house screaming, getting into fights, and generally refusing to listen to the parental units makes this happen. Beloved and I are not pleased with this development. I am trying to stay optimistic that this is just the weather and that as soon as the weather clears up and the boys can run around outside again this will improve. This is my hope.

I have a ton of housework to catch up on. I tried to find something in our bedroom today and had a shock. Not that I literally shocked myself (though I wouldn't have been surprised with how much static electricity has been in the air today, despite the humidity and rain). A necklace that I was convinced had gone missing for good just appeared at the bottom of a pile of laundry. I was most upset with the disapperance of this necklace because it was made from the garnet that was part of my promise ring that Beloved gave me when were were dating. The diamonds that were on either side of it got put into the engagement ring. After a hospital stay last year, it seemed that the necklace had vanished from the face of the earth.

Finding them today was one of the bright points of my day. The other bright point was spending time with my MiL and my SiL. My MiL and I did some spinning while Beloved's sister told us all about the production of Phantom of the Opera that she went to a little while back. It sounds like they did a nice job of it. A part of me is curious what changes may have been made compared to the run that I saw up at the Pantages theater in Toronto many years ago.

I feel a bit ... cranky right now. I'm trying to unwind. I've noticed that Beloved giving the boys a stern talking to has resulted in absolute silence from them while they're laying in bed right now. I just need to calm down now. Perhaps I'll go fold that mountain of laundry that is on the bed. Most of it is mine, after all.

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