Friday, February 03, 2017

Highlights of the Week: wut?

This has been a long week. I'm not entirely sure what about this week made it so difficult for me. Perhaps it was the two half days at the end. Perhaps it was the parent-teacher conference on Wednesday. Or, maybe it was the fact I had two migraines this week and my body just feels off because I'm due to start my menses soon. (I know this is a detail that you were all just dying to hear. Fun fact, I can never quite tell when they're going to hit by the calendar because of PCOS. But physical discomfort is a generally good indicator that it will be happening at some point over the next several days. Just not sure when. Thanks, genetics. Hate you too.)

I have a difficult time pointing at something fun I did with the kids this week. This has been a week with a lot of fussing and arguments. I am just mentally tapped out from it all. I am not really coming up with much to write in here. I don't feel well. This is partly because of what I mentioned earlier. This is also due to my clumsiness. I managed to cut my thumb this evening with a pair of scissors as I was opening up a package. (It wasn't deep enough to do serious damage. And the scissors were sharpened last week by a professional. They are *very* sharp. If you have scissors or knives that need sharpening and you're local, check out the hardware store in Honeoye Falls. Weiders Hardware does great work and their customer service is second to none.)

So, I am going to go drink some tea. I may give writing in my paper journal a shot. Who knows, maybe I will find a way to get up the energy to do something like a shower or a hot bath. First, however, is going to be a spot of tea and maybe a couple of cookies.


Days exercised: 7

Current weight: 169 lbs

(This is going to be a weekly thing. I'm going to note how many days a week I get my exercise in. And I'm going to track my weight on a weekly basis as well. Theoretically, this will help me get healthier. Who knows how this is going to work out. My confidence levels are pretty low right now.)

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