Monday, March 03, 2014

Just another Monday.

I have a few minutes free to post right now. Soon, my eldest will be home from school. My youngest just got home and is happily wandering around the living room with toys in hand. In a little while, I'll be directing the boys in picking up their toys and then letting them dust and run the electric sweeper over the floor. Monday is chore day in FLYLady's world and I try to keep that practice up myself.

I have a sink full of dishes to wash, approximately six loads of laundry to put away, and gods only know what is in that pile of papers sitting on the table. Most days, I would be on the verge of panic over this. Right now, however, I'm busy being thankful for these things.

The sink full of dishes tells me that we have enough food to eat and the means to prepare it safely. The laundry tells me that I have clothes for my family to wear and be warm and safe from the weather. The papers tell me that I have things that I am important enough to have paperwork over. And the mess around the living room with the toys scattered about, it tells me that my great dream of being a mother is truly realized.

On the whole, I am looking around and seeing the blessings around me rather then the work to be done. I must admit, this feels pretty damn good after struggling with depressive episodes for the last little while.

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