Friday, December 27, 2013

Amazement and awe.

A friend of mine has confided that he is independently wealthy. The way he so bluntly and brutally pointed out the basics of how he runs his business left me in pure amazement.

The thing that has me reeling is the fact that this is someone I know, in the flesh, who is a wildly successful entrepreneur. For some silly reason, I thought that people like that were ones that I would possibly meet by way of Facebook and only be on the perifery of their social circle. Then the Porchcat just completely nuked this worldview.

As silly as it sounds, it tells me something very big. It's not that the old 'nose to the grindstone' work ethic is the way to go. It's not that we can overcome adversity.

It tells me that it could be me next. That success like this is something that I could actually attain. I will be painfully honest, my belief in that possibility was dwindling. I decided somewhere over the last several months and the recent struggles with depressive episodes that I wasn't going to do more then self publish a few books and possibly make pocket change off my writing.

Knowing someone who has accomplished this magnitude of a goal and continues to do so successfully... Not having them be an acquaintance or someone that I still have the occasional question if they're internet trolls (because we all know the first rule of the internet: all people on the internet are trolls)... but knowing them in the flesh and having broken bread with them, it makes the possibility that I can actually do this real.

That kind of reality check was due, I suppose. Gods bless that man.

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