Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spinning sprinting.

Last Saturday, someone in a group I'm apart of on Ravelry challenged the group at large to pack their spindle of choice as full of singles as they could manage. Since I decided that I wanted to get more spinning done, I took up my spindles and go to work. I then thought why not expand upon this. Thus, I set the goal for myself to spin as much as I could between last Saturday and the first.

So, the picture to the right is what I had done on my little supported spindle over the weekend. I then wound that off onto a paper tube bobbin and I have done up more. The supported spindle is a cherry and rosewood piece. It weights four tenths of an ounce. The fiber I'm using is undyed Shetland wool roving. I started out with carding it into rolags because I thought it would be easier to use with the supported spindle. I was wrong and then went to using the roving as it was.

The picture to the left is what I did on my lovely drop spindle with the clay whorl. I honestly have no idea what the weight of the whorl is. I'm half tempted to step on the scale holding it and do a little math to figure it out. And then I realize what a terrible, terrible geek that makes me and I reconsider the prospect. I'll be honest, I think I enjoyed using the drop spindle more then the supported one.

I'll be submitting both pictures, as well as a picture of what I have done between yesterday and today this evening. I'm really glad that someone gave me an idea for how to correct the problem I was having with my spinning trying to work its way off of the support spindle. An adjustment to how I was winding it on and I have pretty much doubled what I had loaded on there.

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