Sunday, February 23, 2014

Current blanket in progress.

I'm making blankets as our yule gifts this year to Moo and Sophia. This is Moo's. The colors here are what I'm going to be doing for this project. On the outsides will be bands of the 'petal pink' and then alternating sections of pink camo and 'bonbon print' until it is wide enough to fit a twin bed. On the outermost sides of the blanket, I will have two rows of half double crochet in gold. I'm debating if I want to do that all the way around it or not. I'm still undecided, to be perfectly honest.

Because Moo's favorite color is pink, I am using colorways that feature it heavily. The gold is just because it was what I had on hand when I started.
You can see here that I'm not only alternating colors here but also stitches. I'm doing nine rows of wattle stitch followed by nine rows of granny stripe. At the beginning of this, I chained 300 stitches. Then I worked my two rows of half doubles.

I'm thinking that I may want to name this thing when it's done, but I honestly have no idea what to name it. I think I am approximately a quarter of the way done here.

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