Friday, July 05, 2013

Summer vacation, wheee!

So, the kids started their summer vacation approximately two weeks ago. It has been utter chaos around here. Between their being wired over the summer weather and a lack of previous routine and my developing a sinus infection due to my allergies, it was more then a little bit crazy here. Beloved is a wonderful, wonderful man who does amazing things to help me keep my head wrapped together properly.

I think the most fantastic thing is that as soon as he gets in the door, he takes over dealing with the kids. It was really distressing to realize earlier this week that I can't handle them when they're just going over the top crazy. I am still adjusting to the fact that my psychological issues have such a large impact on my life, but this was just like getting kicked in the teeth.

Then yesterday, Snuggle Bug decided to be an absolute hellion to his aunt (who was planning on watching them for a few days for us) so we had to go pick the kids up. I had really hoped that he was going to behave for her. It had been a case where he had decided that he was comfortable enough to start causing trouble. And then he didn't stop. I honestly have no idea what we're going to do with him.

Thankfully, summer session of preschool starts on Monday. I just have run out of ideas for what to do with him when he misbehaves. I'm going to ask the preschool what works for them, but I suspect that Snuggle Bug doesn't act up like this there. I try putting him in timeout, he screams and flails. If I am going to make him stay in timeout, I have to restrain him in my lap. Then he throws his head back and kicks, basically fighting like a wildcat. Spankings don't seem to have any effect on him, nor does yelling. Taking toys away doesn't phase him and sending him to bed just doesn't seem to have an effect either.

He's turning four this summer. I wish ... I wish I could figure out what makes this boy tick. This way we didn't have all the tears and screaming. This way he would listen more. As it stands, he has no real safety awareness and a huge dose of self willed motion. I find myself deeply concerned and uneasy.

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