Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Book of poems in the works...

I found my poetry journals. I'm combing through them and selecting poems to publish. Some of them are atrociously bad. Some of them are pretty good. And then others pull at my heartstrings. This one I wrote for Stargazer, though I never dared to reveal that to her whilst she was amongst us. I hope that where ever she is, that she forgives my lack of courage.

Venusian Muse
Oh sweet slayer of my soul
Thine eyes are arrows
Whose wounds a noble heart hath lain low
Crimson tears mix with pining sighs
For I suffer sweet sorrows
In want of thy tender grace
That which angels in heaven dare not know
By god's own hand
Wert thou formed
With beauty to make my heart burn as a brand
And a spirit more innocent and sweet then
     a babe newly born
My cruel mistress
Thy hidden, chaste eye wounds me
As my weak words bear witness

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