Wednesday, January 30, 2013

For Sale/Barter/Trade

I'm cleaning out my project room. This means that I have items that I am going to get rid of. Here's a list of what I have to offer.

  • Learn to Knit     Author: unknown     Editor: unknown     Publisher: Leisure Arts     Copyright: 2011    This is a fair book for beginning knitters. It has step by step directions for 10 easy projects. Gives directions for left handed knitters as well as right handed. My rating: 6/10  Asking: $4.00
  • The Complete Encyclopedia of Crafts Vol 2    Author: unknown    Editor: unknown                  Publisher: Columbia House   Copyright: 1975        Filled with craft ideas. I don't have the other volumes of this set. I haven't used it for anything, but it runs the gamut from wood working to embroidery to basket weaving.   My rating: 4/10  Asking: $4.00
  • The Prayer Shawl Ministry Vol 2     Author: --    Editor: Susan White Sullivan, et al.                        Publisher: Leisure Arts     Copyright: 2008     Filled with really good shawl patterns that are accessible to pretty much any skill level.  My rating: 7/10    Asking: $4.00
  • Gothic Gargoyles   Author: Bill Yenne  Publisher: Barnes & Noble Books    Copyright: 2000             A beautiful photo book of gothic gargoyles from around the world. Has minor wear and tear. My rating: 7/10  Asking: $5.00
  • Baltimore: Then and Now     Author: Alexander D. Mitchell   Publisher: Thunder Bay Press    Copyright: 2001     A lovely photo book comparing images of the city of Baltimore, Maryland (USA) (as of the time of publication) to past images. In very good condition. Missing the dust jacket. My rating 7/10   Asking: $5.00
  • The Secret of the Shadow    Author: Debbie Ford      Publisher: Harper Collins     Copyright: 2002    A pleasant read with some novel concepts on how to work with one's shadow aspects. In good condition. Missing dust jacket. My rating: 6/10    Asking: $7.00

Knifty Knitter set - includes 4 round looms, one long loom, and a bloom loom. also includes picks, project book, 1 ball acrylic (baby fingering weight) and 2 balls wool (sport weight) yarn.  Asking: $30.00


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Angela Kurkiewicz said...

Prayer shawl book please!
-ANgela K