Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Educational listening.

I'm sitting here working on my crochet squares for today. As I do so, I am listening to TED talks. So far, I have learned about the importance of vultures in the ecosystem. I have listened to an inspiring story about a paraplegic regaining her ability to walk and acquiring her pilot's license (three times over). I have also listened to an interesting discussion on the value of fear.

I believe this is going to be my new 'thing'. As I work on my crochet squares, I am going to listen to something educational and learn something. An unofficial goal for myself is to learn something new every day. I think this will be an excellent way to meet that goal. It has made for a truly enjoyable morning.

So far, I have one square finished. I hope to finish the second soon. The work goes by faster when I am listening to something interesting. I changed my plan for the second square. I am just going to do half double crochet for the whole square. I believe I am going to make some very basic squares before I do anything complicated. This way I have a logical progression to my crochet squares.

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