Wednesday, August 01, 2012

NaBloPoMo Post #1

Prompt: Name something sweet that you ate today.

Today, I had a chocolate covered frozen banana. I bought the things originally for the kids. The boys, however, haven't shown much interest in them. As a result, when I get hit with a craving for sugar, that has been what I've been grabbing for. I hope that it's not doing too much damage to my diet. My goal is to revamp my diet into something more focused upon non-processed foods, vegetables, fruit, and healthy homemade stuff. I'm really struggling with the urges for stuff like soda and ice cream. I am having some difficulty replacing them with something healthier.

I'm not a big fan of drinking as many calories as are in the sandwich I am eating (if not more) in one sitting. Ah well. First post for the month done, I am now going to go work on some other projects. Have a lovely day, everyone.

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