Thursday, January 14, 2016

Running in circles.

I have been trying to tread water but it feels like I'm not doing so hot. My brain has been not cooperative towards the goal of getting all the things done. At least today I have gotten something done. Perhaps I will get a bit more done with luck.

Fiber arts wise, I have now loaded my distaff with the remainder of that raspberry colored fiber. I have a handful of wine colored fiber that I am going to spin with one of my supported spindles. I am trying to figure out how to do this whole business of spinning with the spindle held in hand. It is not going easily. It has lead to a fair amount of hand discomfort. It isn't as bad as it is with the other french spindle. I am seriously considering picking up a set of spindle sticks and seeing how it improves things.

I knit a few rows on my anxiety shawl. I accidentally messed up my knitting and have one row that is reverse stockinette. It is, however, a mistake that I'm going to leave and not worry about. Because I'm working on being forgiving with myself like that. I also am getting ready to take Beloved's sweater apart and add more to it. (It came out half the length it really should have been. Width wise, however, it is good.)

And I think I have figured out how to flick card stuff. I think.

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