Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Rambling post about nothing.

I haven't posted in here a few days. Nothing momentous has happened in that time. I just forgot to post. I will try to post more often going forward. I know I keep saying that and then I forget again.

I am making progress in getting my mental health stuff taken care of. I will be applying for disability again. I think that I may be able to get it this time. I feel a bit apprehensive about the process but I think that my most recent bout of severe depression served as a wake up call to me. I can't just go about ignoring when I have something wrong or assuming that it will just get better on its own. My will may be strong but the flesh is weak, and that includes my brain chemistry stuff.

I got back on the FLYwagon. The living room is cleaner then it has been in a little over a month. It's kinda funny. I literally had to use a shovel (a toy one, that is) to clean up some of the toys. Between having some difficulty reaching into the space where stuff was accumulated and there being such a large volume of stuff, the toy snow shovel turned out to be really useful. It was, however, a very odd experience.

I have finished the blanket for Moo. I am making good progress on the one for Sophia. It has gotten large enough, however, to be just plain awkward to work on. The recent heat hasn't exactly been friendly towards working on this big ol' thing either. I have been using a small box to hold the blanket up off my lap so I don't overheat quite so much. It seems to be working out well, with the exception of the corners of the box catching the blanket from time to time.

The sparrows nesting in the overhang above the stoop have mixed feelings about all this time the kids have been spending outside. The male sparrow get all puffed up and chirps agitatedly at us. The female, however, has no qualms about going to the feeder or even hopping on the ground when we're out there. She won't do it when the boys are near the feeder or the end of the walkway by the house, but if they're a good six feet away, she will hop on the ground from time to time. I think she, at least, has decided that we're not a threat to her or her young.

Beloved has been talking about learning what the names of the birds that we have visiting our feeders are. Today, I have seen a few cardinals, three or four starlings, and the sparrows. A male and a female Baltimore Oriole have been pretty frequent visitors over the last few weeks. It makes me wonder if they are nesting nearby.

The suet feeder seems to be more popular then the seed one. We go through a block of suet every few days. Fortunately, the suet is fairly inexpensive. The net bag of Easter grass that I put up just didn't get touched by the birds when they were busy making nests. It just confirms that the stuff is abhorrent. I briefly contemplated attempting to spin it and then cast the thought aside, along with the stuff. I do think, however, that next spring, I will put up another suet feeder cage but for a little while it will be filled with cut ends of yarn from my projects. I saw someone else had done this for the birds to use in their nesting supplies with some success.

It is amazing the things you will find on Pinterest. Just today, I was looking at ideas for how to live in a tiny house. The tiny house movement just amazes me. I know that if we moved into one, we simply wouldn't have space for all our books and that would be... painful to part with. I think, however, that I can use some of those tricks to make things like my kitchen more efficient. Some of the ideas were really useful in managing all the kids' toys.

I am seriously thinking about acquiring some underbed storage for the kids room and for my room. Beloved and I have a lot of stuff just piled up in our room because we have no where to put it. I think if I put the bed upon risers and put some storage stuff under there, it would make it easier to finally put everything away in there. The project room  on the other hand...

Well, I think I need to do a complete overhaul of how I have things put away in there. I have tons of kid stuff just littering the floor. Then there is all of my project stuff. Some of it, I haven't touched in months. I did, however, get out my stuff and did some painting last weekend. When Beloved has the software for the camera updated on here, I will try to snap a few pictures and share them. I am not entirely sure what more to add. I suppose this means my post has come to a conclusion. I'll try to come up with something more interesting next time.

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