Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Recycling teapots!

So, I have one tea pot that I turned into a planter. In the pot, I have cuttings from the white wandering jew that I have trying to conquer the world. The boys (namely Snuggle Bug) have kept pulling out the bit that I had put down the spout. I'm going to try Supermomnocape's trick of putting some soil down the spout and putting my cutting in that way.

I have another tea pot that I am going to plant with a combination of wandering jew and ivy. The planters are probably going to sit out in the project room/office for hubby to keep them safe from small hands. I have been flirting with the idea of acquiring another to make into a planter with the geranium that desperately needs a new pot into. It is not so much a matter of the pot itself is the problem or that the plant is growing too big for it.

The problem with the geranium is that my youngest child finds the leaves fascinating and loves to pull them off. He likes the tactile sensation of the leaves pulling off and the fact that his hands smell different after doing so. This makes me concerned for my herbs this year. I'm pretty sure that he will be delighted to decimate my mint. (And the typo just a moment a go was 'mind' not 'mint.' LOL)

One of the planters is going to go to my MiL. The other is going to be a joint gift to my Mom and my paternal Grandmother. If I do a third planter, I'll be keeping it for myself to add a touch of whimsy to my gardening efforts on the back deck. I have been eying the glazed giant sized tea cup planters that Walmart has. I'm seriously thinking about getting a pair to grow some miniature tea roses in.

If I am going to do that, I will most definitely be putting them in that bed that I am going to be doing this year. I will make a point of putting flowers in them that will be showy and exciting for the children. And making the bed look like a tea party for giants. Because whimsy is always a great thing in gardening.

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