Thursday, May 10, 2012

Playing in the Garden

I just finished up playing with my plants out on the back deck. I weeded two planters. I then took a bunch of young tomato plants and put them into a couple of pots. I also rearranged things with the one planter that lacks drainage holes in the bottom of it.

I took the soil out and put it into the plastic containers that my sons' Lunchables come in. These little rectangular, thin plastic tubs are not only awesome mini-greenhouses (which I discovered a few weeks ago) they are also just the right size to fit into the planter width wise. So there are now three little tubs instead of a planter full of very wet dirt. I may get some pebbles and put them into the bottom of the planter. I'm not decided yet on that one. One of the little tubs is filled with lemon balm. Another has been seeded with sweet basil. The third will have a small rosemary plant in it. There is still a few inches of planter that doesn't have anything in it. It is too narrow for a fourth Lunchables tub to go into. This is where the pebbles may come into play. They'd make a good anchor point for another bit of basil or something else similar that would be tolerant of a watery 'soil'.

I planted more nasturtium seeds in one of the other planters to replaced the plants that the frost we had a few weeks back killed. If it looks like we're going to get another cold snap, I think I'll put plastic wrap or something else similar over the thing. I only had one marigold come up out of the package of seeds that I bought a little while back. I don't know how I feel about that.

I've decided to put petunias in the hanging basket that is on the front porch. I haven't decided what I'm going to put into my terracotta planter that I have out there. I am leaning towards the cosmos that my MiL gave me a few weeks back.

I need to repot the lavender. It keeps getting flooded when ever it rains because the pot it is in just is horrible for drainage. I forget what I was attempting to grow in the other pot, but it's just not happening, for the same reason. One of my pots of tulips is functionally dead. It got knocked over a few weeks ago and the soil wasn't covering the bulbs. So when the weather changed, the bulbs got affected a LOT. I don't know what I'll be growing in that pot next. Maybe I'll put some tomatoes in it after I take the bulbs out.

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