Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Killing time. Die, time die!

Good Wednesday to you all.

I'm currently in between chores right now. I've gotten about half of the things on my 'To Do' list done. My living room is still a disaster but this week is the kitchen zone so I'm not going to panic over it. I've done something of a reboot on FLYLady. It is my hope to get this nonsense of falling away from it when I'm depressed dealt with it.

Mood wise, I am relatively stable right now. Maybe this cocktail of medications is working. I don't spend as many days depressed as I had before. Now I just want to get the other psychological fires put out so that I can move on to other things. I'm feeling a bit impatient with myself, but that's not too terribly different from usual.

Snuggle Bug just isn't feeling well today. He's been really fussy and clingy. I think he has caught some sort of cold. He doesn't want to eat and only grudgingly will drink something. It makes me think he may have a sore throat. Snuggle Bug has been napping off and on all day. I suspect that he will sleep well tonight, even with all of these naps. It is my hope that he feels better tomorrow. While apart of me appreciates the break I am getting from chasing him all over the house, I don't want him to be feeling miserable.

Cuddle Bear has been doing pretty good with using his words at school. Now I just need to get him to do it more at home. Over the last few weeks, the boys have gotten into quite a few wordless screaming matches and shoving/hitting/kicking each other. It's mainly been when Beloved is off at work. There was a couple of shoving matches over the weekend, though. I'm wondering if it's just that the boys have hit the 'terrible twos' stage or if they're acting out because they want Daddy.

Beloved has been working late for the last several weeks. He's getting vacation time, which is good. I'm hoping that maybe he'll get to take some time off and hang out with me and the kids before kindergarten starts in September. I'm looking forward to him having a three day weekend at the end of the month. I'm hoping it will be enough to ease some of the lines of worry out of his face. I try not to worry over him but this job has him way too stressed out.

I'm trying to think of anything else major to add right now. I'm a quarter of the way done on my knitted shawl. I have been spinning like a mad woman in preparation for Tour de Fleece. I used up all the fiber I had kicking around and had to beg some off of my MiL. To say the least, she was giggling as she dropped off a *big* ball of fiber. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all of the handspun that I've been getting whipped off. I do know this, however, learning to use that Navajo spindle is going to be tricky. That is my goal for TdF this year. I figure last year I spun a full mile (actually a mile and 33 yards), this year I can do just about anything I want.

I've been making hats lately. Some of them have been really funky looking. I'll try to post up pictures of them soon. It's just been a matter of playing around with the crochet hook and yarn. I have used up most of the handspun that I have made in a shawl and a few hats. I'm still trying to pick what pattern I'm going to make with that really lovely purple handspun that my MiL gave me for Yule a few years ago.

 Right now, I need to run and finish up my housework while Snuggle Bug is napping. I hope that all of you have a great day! <3

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