Saturday, March 10, 2012

Stomach bug and such...

So, I managed to catch the stomach bug that is making the rounds over here. It made the last few days miserable. Beloved was an absolute angel and minded the kids most of the day today so that I could nap. It's done wonders for how I'm feeling. Now to just get the rest of the nonsense with my stomach sorted out and I'll be all good.

It's amazing how nice it is to eat solid food with out fear of it coming back up. :P

All of that said, I've taken to knitting when I am anxious or doing crochet. I had an appointment with my psychiatrist last week and didn't have any knitting or crochet with me. So I took the few minutes that I had to spare and stopped in wally world. Picked up some extra bulky hot pink yarn and some big needles. Just finished knitting that scarflett (mini-scarf, whatever) this evening as I was waiting for the kids to fall asleep. I also knit several rows on the shawl I'm working on.

I feel a bit disappointed. I am already bored with this thing and I haven't gotten even ten rows done on it. In all fairness, I am knitting a hundred stitches per row so it does get a bit tedious. I may switch from just knitting this to doing some sort of a lace pattern. It is worsted weight yarn, so it will not look quite as airy as it would with fingering or lace weight yarn. At the same time, the lace pattern would keep me from just shoving this thing into a drawer and forgetting about it for days on end (which I have done since I started it a few weeks ago).

Between minding the kids when they were sick last week and being sick myself, I kinda fell of the FLYLady wagon a bit. I'm going to give myself a pass, however, because it wasn't like I really had an option on that front. Puking children don't mix very well with cleaning house, never mind maintaining said clean house. Thankfully, Beloved hasn't caught this thing. Gods willing, he won't. It's a nasty little bug.

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