Saturday, October 15, 2011

Yule Project List

This is a list to remind myself what I am currently working on. I may even note progress in here with addendums. That said, here is The List:

  • Sweater for Cuddle Bear X
  • Bigger Blankie for Snuggle Bug X (given early)
  • Bigger Blanket for Beloved (replaced w/ another item, store bought)
  • Crochet Klein Bottle Hat for Beloved's brother
  • Audrey II for Energizer Girl
  • Crochet fingerless gloves for Rocker Chick (X), Trouble 1 & 2, the Mischief Duo, and Mercy Girl
  • Loom Knit hats for Monster Girl, Cuddle Bear's best friend T and T's little brother
  • Beaded stitch markers for OnComingStorm
  • Crochet hook case & sweater pattern for StormWatcher
  • Crochet hook case for JBirdie
  • Sock weight yarn for J X
  • Amigurumi rabbit for Trouble 1 X
  • Amigurumi dog for Trouble 2
  • Amigurumi monster for Snuggle Bug
Of all this, I've the yarn finished, the sweater half done, and the increase in Snuggle Bug's blankie started.

I think I'm going to be busy.

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