Saturday, November 01, 2008

Updated Word count.

Word Count: 5,634.
Page Count: 16

Other details:

Some of the characters have started to reveal themselves. There's a female character named Marie Claire. Divorced with at least one child, a daughter. She's got some tension (an understatement) towards the other female character that's revealed herself. They met in the office of the psychiatrist with the red leather chair referred to at the opening of the story. Marie is described by the as of yet unnamed character as 'creepy' and as a precognitive individual. Unclear what the relationship between Marie and the psychiatrist was.

Second female character named Janine. Janine slept with Marie's husband. Janine has hostile feelings towards Marie and Marie's daughter. Janine's relationship with the psychiatrist was a combination of a mentoring and something more. Janine comes from an abusive household, there was at least physical abuse by her father. She's an artist. Marie was a writer at the time they interacted. It's unclear if either still are. Janine's artwork in the past was photography. It's yet to be revealed if there's still a career in the arts for Janine. Gender identification with Janine is unclear. We'll see how *that* develops as well. Janine's past is fleshed out much more in the writing I just got done.

There's a few other characters and I think a few other points in time that I'm writing here. I'm not sure. But it's beginning to turn somewhat cohesive. I'm a tenth of the way to where I want to be. Perhaps I'll get lucky and write the rest of it this easily. I kinda doubt it, but who knows. The muse is fickle and will grant as she wills.


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