Friday, June 12, 2015

Yule List 2015

I'm not going to name names, on the off chance that the recipients might be reading this. I'm just going to list what I am making and project status.

Item                                                      Status             Notes
1 adult men's sweater vest                     0/100             acquiring pattern
2 children's sweater vests                      0/100             acquiring pattern
1 kitchen towel set (blue)                      5/100             acquiring pattern for towel toppers
1 kitchen towel set (kitch)                     0/100
3 child crochet jewelery                        0/100             pattern acquired, choosing colors
sewing box                                           1/100             must make needle book & pincushion
adult crochet jewelery                           0/100             pattern acquired, choosing colors
beret and scarf                                      1/100             pattern and yarn acquired
child craft bag                                       1/100             bag acquired, findings being located
crochet shawl                                         5/100
embellished chef hat                              50/100           hat acquired
knit scarf                                               10/100

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