Monday, February 11, 2013

Momma's a man!

So, I get myself all dressed up for my turn out at the LARP Beloved and I play in. My eldest looked at me and said loudly (and with a giggle), "Momma's a man!" Apparently wearing a suit turns you into a man. Who knew!

Dear readers, I give you the Malkavian Cathy. One of her quirks is she dresses in men's clothes and always has a hat. It is a bit of a break from wearing scarves, though I feel a bit silly wearing hats. Even though I didn't get to enjoy game (because I came down with the stomach virus that laid the kids low last week), I got many compliments on my suit.

The most amusing thing was the number of people who told me that the flag pin was upside down. It was a subtle point that rankled several folks. At first people wanted to correct it, then I told them that it was intentional. It was, in short, quite the annoyance to others and a source of entertainment for myself.

Oh, my thrift shopping friends- all elements of this outfit, except for the jewlery, hat, and boots came from the thrift store. Total cost (sans mentioned items) $5.00! The suit consists of a blazer, slacks, and a vest in similar material. The most entertaining facet of this ensemble is the fact that the constituent parts were found in different sections and technically do not match. The vest does not button, but rather has a zipper. The tie, however, hides that quite nicely. (Thank you Beloved for lending and picking out the tie for this outfit!) The jacket and the shirt are a tad short in the sleeve, but it fits well enough that you can't really tell.

Aside from this suit, I also plan on wearing male business casual attire. Thus, I will be posting future pictures that go along with this character.

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